Geometry Dash Easy

Geometry Dash Easy


A Hard Level with a rating of 4 stars and 3 user coins is Geometry Dash Easy. This game on our website is excellent for players and is highly entertaining. My website also offers a free live stream of it. Why do you still wait? play right away.

How to play

Hop and jump on yellow rings by clicking, pressing [up], [w], [space], [ctrl], [shift], or [w] [space]. 

To avoid the spikes 

Hold down the button to fly up or down while in ship mode, hold down the button.

To jump far, hit a yellow pad. 

You can jump higher if you strike a blue pad. The absence of a gravity portal 

Collecting the coins will get you extra points. 

For effects, press L. Pressing B will switch the background (and hence reduce lag). It (also) lessens lag. 

Although Cloud only keeps track of two scores, it functions.

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