Geometry Dash Demonic Energy

Geometry Dash Demonic Energy


You can play the game, which we call "Geometry Dash Demonic Energy," for free in the Dash Games part of our website. It's rated 10 stars and has 1 user currency for a simple demon level. So, what are we waiting for? Go ahead and start playing! My sincere hope is that you enjoy yourself!

How to play

Jump by pressing [up] [w] [space] or clicking, and be sure to land in the yellow rings. 

Don't step on the spikes! 

Keep holding to go higher in ship mode, and letting go to go lower. 

Press the yellow pad to make a huge leap. 

To make a greater leap, press the blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 

Bonus points can be earned by gathering the coins. 

Toggle the effects with a press of the letter L. (to reduce lag)

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