Geometry Dash camel gaming

Geometry Dash camel gaming

Geometry Dash Camel gaming by Vonic is a harder level rated 7 stars and 3 user coins. The little square character in your story is eager to go on. However, it faces some roadblocks. It is your responsibility to maintain it and make it continue. Your objective in this game is to pass through each level unharmed and arrive at the finish line.

How to play

  • Click or push [up] [w] [space] to leap, then touch down on the yellow hoop.
  • Eliminate thorns
  • In ship mode, the player presses and releases to fly up and down.
  • The player taps the yellow pad in order to jump high.
  • The player taps on a blue pad to increase their jump (missing gravity portal).
  • Gain bonus points while collecting coins.
  • Pressing L will toggle effects.

Don't believe the excitement will end here! Our other games, like Geometry Dash Video Game Maniac, also have an adventurous, obstacle course feel to them. Now give it a try! I hope you have fun!

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