Geometry Dash Bloodbank

Geometry Dash Bloodbank


Whose blood will be shed in the Geometry Dash Bloodbank? Who will ultimately triumph? What percentage will survive? Best of luck.

A massive Extreme Demon collaboration, Geometry Dash Bloodbank, was released by CrystalKeeper7. This level is the third of a series of three "Demon" levels that all have the same general concept. The first level was "Cataclysm," and the two levels before it, "Aftermath," were also levels.

On both PCs and Android devices, you can play this multi-level, addictive game. You must make your character jump over spikes and onto platforms in order to survive the game, which is played on a screen that is constantly shifting. Although the game's premise seems straightforward, it is actually incredibly difficult.

How to play

Jump using the w key, spacebar, or up arrow. 

Try to make it to the level's end while dodging the spikes!

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