Geometry Dash Abandoned Cave

Geometry Dash Abandoned Cave


Geometry Dash Abandoned Cave is a challenging level designed by DamianosKabanos. It has received 7 stars and 3 user coins. " On the website Geometry Dash, you will not have to pay anything to play the game. Within the Dash Games part of our website is where you will find the option to play the game without charge. What exactly are you waiting for, since I'm ready to go play right now? I really hope you have a good time!

How to play

You can leap by pressing [up] [w] [space] or clicking, and you can also jump on the yellow circles. 

Be careful not to step on the spikes. 

When in ship mode, keep holding down the button to fly upward, and let it go to fly downward. 

If you want to jump really high, you should hit a yellow pad. 

When you land on a blue pad, your leap will be increased (missing a gravity portal). 

Accumulating the coins will get you bonus points if you do so. 

To select between different effects, use the letter L. (to reduce lag)

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