Geometry Dash 69 Machine

Geometry Dash 69 Machine


Machine in Geometry Dash Level 69 is a simple demon level with a player rating of 10 stars. The game is available at Geometry Dash for no cost. On our website, under Dash Games, you can play the game for nothing. Why wait? Let's start playing right away! I hope you have fun!

How to play

[W] [Up] press [space] [ctrl] [capsLK] [f1]-[f12] Alternately, click to leap and jump on yellow rings. 

Skip the spikes. 

In the ship mode, hold to jump higher and release to fall lower. 

To jump high, strike a yellow pad. 

To jump higher, strike a blue pad (missing a gravity portal). 

Collect the coins to earn extra points. 

Toggle effects with L. (to reduce lag)

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