Fury Dash

Fury Dash

Prepare yourself for a thrilling gaming adventure with Fury Dash! The two engaging game types in this title are survival and time attack. It's your job to remove groupings of three or more identical things in a timely manner. Prior to the timer going off, make sure the bar at the bottom of the screen is filled. In order to do this, aim to destroy a greater range of objects by gathering as much fury power as you can. Do you feel up to the task?

Select one of two modes: Attack of Time or Survival:

Play longer by racing against the clock in time-attack mode. To make groups of three or more identical squares vanish, click on them. You can access the next level by collecting enough points. In the event that your score is absent, you will have to restart.

Survival Mode: This mode is similar to the timed stages in that it emphasizes speed over time. To unlock the next challenge, you must continuously score points until you achieve the required minimum. You will have to restart the game if you are unable to accomplish your goal. Levels 3 and 5 are the ones that can be unlocked.

How to play

Using the mouse

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