Drift 3

Drift 3

You may put your hand-eye coordination to the test by playing Drift 3. In this game, you'll participate in a unique drifting competition. Push other cars off the track by crashing into them. But you should avoid dead ends at all costs. You'll need to be at the top of your game to outlast the other seven competitors from all around the world as you negotiate the track's challenging turns. See the little map in the upper left corner for guidance. If you tap the screen and let go at the precise moment, you can drift with pinpoint accuracy. To begin racing right away, just provide your name and select your preferred vehicle. If you want to win the championship, you need to be the last person standing.

How to play

Turn left or right by pressing and releasing the left mouse button or the space bar.

We wish you everyone success. We want to see you more often, and you can be sure that we have more fantastic games like Mob Control for you. We'd love to see you perform!

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